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Patricia A. Mayer

Who I Am

I am a third generation lawyer. Both my grandfather and father practiced law in Johnstown PA, where I grew up.

Both sides of my family settled in southwestern PA over 150 years ago, so my roots run deep. My grandparents lived within walking distance, and genealogy was a family pastime. I grew up hearing stories: about an ancestor who was kidnapped by a distant tribe, later escaped and made her way back home to what was then the “western frontier”; about later settlers from Wales and Germany who fell in love with the area because it reminded them of home; about cousins who ran for the hills with their children to escape the Johnstown flood of 1889. These stories gave me a strong sense of belonging – of knowing where I came from and how I fit into the world.

Everyone has their own stories. Many estate planning attorneys talk of leaving a “legacy,” but often they are referring only to assets. As I see it, estate planning can and should be so much more than just deciding who gets what after a death. In my practice, we help clients get to the heart of what really matters to them. Working closely together, we analyze various planning opportunities to find the one that best achieves their unique needs and visions. As a member of WealthCounsel, I have access to the knowledge and know-how of some of the most qualified estate planning attorneys in the country who keep me current on the most effective tax and legal planning strategies.

For clients who wish to leave a legacy of more than assets, we provide creative opportunities through video, written memoirs, ethical wills, and the continuation of family rituals to pass down their values and their stories for generations to come.

I love what I do. I like to think that my practice combines the best of “small town” law with “big city” resources. The most important part of my practice is getting to know my clients and their families, sustaining those relationships over time and being there for them when it counts.

Patricia A. Mayer is the principal and sole owner of Law Office of Patricia Mayer, PC.

She received her L.L.M. from Golden Gate University with Honors in 2004, her J.D. from George Washington University Law School with High Honors in 1982, and her B.A. in English Literature from Wellesley College with Honors in 1975. She was certified as an Estate Planning Specialist by the California State Board of Legal Specialization in 2017.

She is a member of the California Bar Association, the District of Columbia Bar Association, the Marin County Bar Association, the Marin County Estate Planning Council, and WealthCounsel. Pat works in close collaboration with accountants, financial and insurance professionals, tax advisors and others to provide comprehensive estate planning strategies.

Pat lives in Mill Valley. In her free time, she enjoys reading, watching obscure independent films, singing in the church choir, getting outside, traveling, and being with friends and family. She is immensely proud of her two daughters, Katherine and Alison—a soon-to be fourth-generation attorney.

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